itom ignition coil


We are specialized in the R&D and production of ignition coil, electronic sensor; Automobile electronics testing technology and test equipment; Production of automatic production equipment, customs clearance, logistics and warehousing.

All our products have been carefully developed and innovative by our engineers, could better replace the original parts, with longer service life, better use effect and lower cost. Up to now, we have got five patents for utility models and two for designs in China domestic.

Headquarters of the company-- Chongqing is the fourth municipality directly under the central government, Owning a population of 30 million also a high-class city of china’s manufacturing industry, what’s more, it is production base of China automobile and spare parts. In Chongqing there are a huge army of experienced engineers and line staff, personnel structure stable, production and processing facilities rich in resources. At the mean time, freight condition is quite mature such as convenient bonded port, Chongqing New Europe Railway and international air.

Establish Chongqing Genuine Parts co., Ltd in June 1999.

1999年6月 成立重庆纯正车用零部件有限公司。

Tom entered the DONGFENG BUS supporting system in Oct 2010.

2010年10月 重庆纯正进入东风客车配套体系。

Tom entered the CQ BUS supporting system in June 2011.

2011年06月 重庆纯正进入重庆客车配套体系。

Chongqing Genuine Parts Co, Ltd officially changed its name to Chongqing Tom Auto Parts Co., Ltd in July 2012.

2012年07月 重庆纯正正式更名为33彩票。

Chongqing Tom Auto Parts Co., Ltd cooperate with Geely Sichuan Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd in February 2013.

2013年02月 重庆汤姆与吉利四川商用车有限公司合作。


2013年05月 重庆汤姆成立重庆长嘉国际贸易有限公司。

TOM invested in the new production base in Shuguang Industrial Park to meet the greater market demand in June 2013.

2013年06月 汤姆在曙光工业园投入新的生产基地,以符合更大的市场需求。

TOM got the best enterprise award from the Industrial Park in February 2014.

2014年02月 重庆汤姆被园区评为 "最佳生产经营企业奖"。

TOM got ISO/TS 16949:2009 Quality Management Certification in May 2014.

2014年05月 重庆汤姆取得ISO/TS 16949:2009质量管理体系认证。

TOM got five patents for utility models and two for designs in 2015.

2015年底 重庆汤姆取得5项实用新型专利和2项外观设计专利。

Chongqing Tom Auto Parts Co., Ltd cooperate with Kunming Yunnei Power Co., Ltd in March 2016.

2016年03月 重庆汤姆与昆明云内动力股份有限公司合作。